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  • The introduction was so unique, it got me hooked :) I've never read something that started out like this. I've read a lot of books/stories. Trust me. When I read Devin's height my eyes literally popped out and I tried to figure out how much taller that was from me. A lot taller xD

    Question of the day: I thinking about the sweet relationship between Kiera and Devin. But that is taken away from her :'( I'm wondering about the voices and WAS THAT A WOLF?

  • I just read this and I'm already hooked! I was crying when they put the sheet over Devin. Anyway, great job! But please don't forget the unforgiven and unforgotten! There both great!

    lenobia 12
  • ........ Poor Devin D:. (Okay, I'm now laughing because at first I put debit instead of Devin XD). Oh gosh, I'm messed up :P. It was really good and really mysterious. It was an awesome part and I can't wait for the next one :D.

  • Question of the Day~ Thoughts and/or feelings?- what do you think!!!!???? I'm suddenly laughing out loud, and then: O.o and the. I'm sad, then I'm - -_- and the : ;( and then: :O. .... And then: ^_^ I lived it. Cannot wait for more as more and more for my eyes to linger with these enchanted words u type.

  • Wow...that was AMAZING! You have to make the next one soon! Oh, I almost fogot to say that, that song is one of my favorites!

  • You brought this here =) yay!

  • holy snikies....that was....i have no words....MORE!


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