Sexuality Quiz (might be kinda inaccurate)

Most people like to find a label to describe their sexuality, and this quiz is to find out yours. I made it because all the sexuality quizzes I found were for cis people and very old.

The sexualities you can get as a result are androsexual, gynesexual, bisexual, pan/polysexual, asexual, skoliosexual, and questioning. The reason I left out heterosexual and homosexual is because they don't apply to non-binary and genderqueer people.

Created by: James
  1. What do you think your sexuality is?
  2. What is your gender identity?
  3. Who do you think you are attracted to?
  4. What was your last crush's gender?
  5. What do you most look for in a partner?
  6. Do you consider yourself an LGBT member?
  7. What gender do you mostly befriend?
  8. Why did you take this quiz?
  9. How was your day? :) (has no effect)
  10. Are you ready for your results? (has no effect)

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