sevenish minutes in heaven

I have noticed a rise in the number of seven minutes in heaven quizes. I have created this one to help that number grow. Enjoy another of my 7 minutes in heaven quizes!

This time, there's a party at my house, and there's 7 minutes in heaven! You have the option to get Josh(brown hair, blue eyes), Chris(brown hair, brown eyes), Dylan(black hair, brown eyes), and Kyle(blonde hair, brown brown eyes).

Created by: kat13
  1. I call you and tell you that there is going to be a party at my house.
  2. I persuade you to come anyway. When you get there, you see me in one corner, hot guys in another corner, and an empty corner.
  3. I anounce that we are going to play 7 minutes in heaven.
  4. I tell you to pick a number.
  5. I tell you to pick a letter.
  6. While everyone else is choosing numbers and letters you...
  7. Do you like fat people (no offense to them)?
  8. Which guy do you like?
  9. ramdom question:do you like pie?
  10. Ready?

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