Seven MInutes in Heaven

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Do you like Seven Minutes in heaven? You probably took some quizes of seven minutes already, but this one has some bizare people. Get ready for the quiz.

NOTE: The Quiz is for boys only!

Created by: BlahBlahMan

  1. You go to your friend Jake's party. There are 10 people there. Jake says we're playing seven minutes in heaven.
  2. Here are the people you can have seven minutes with.
  3. Amanda, with long copper hair and blue eyes.
  4. Zuri, with short black hair and green sparklig eyes.
  5. Katie, with blonde hair and big blue eyes.
  6. Bob, the g@y dude.
  7. Carly, with tan skin and dark, black smooth long hair and grey eyes.
  8. And Megan, with brown hair and black eyes.
  9. You get thirsty. What do you drink?
  10. You play spin the bottle.
  11. Finally, you play Seven minutes.
  12. Pick a raffle slip from the hat.Any slip...

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