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  • Toby... After he does all that to me, I start making out with him, and we both do it :) Then I hear you opening the door, make him sit on me, so when you open the door they don't see us like that. :3 He ends up asking meh out, and we date for 1 year before I dump him for cheating on meh. How's that for an ending?

    Loony Luna
  • Uh there is a new kid named Alex in my English class and were both going to this party this weekend which now I don't think I want to go to

  • Danny...When you open the door you see him crying in a corner. Me standing over him kicking him, and cussing at him for not doing "it" right! LOL

  • Awesome quiz. I got Alex and that's my best friend's name! It would of been more awesome if there was longer results.

  • toby... then i kick him in the face and punch his balls while he is on the floor i put my clothes back on and b4 he gets up i throw a beer bottle at his head and he is knocked out ; )

  • Did you like my quiz? If you report this quiz, it will be YOUR fault for taking it oin the first place!

  • i got name is sam XD hahahahahahaha great quiz tho


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