Seven Minutes in Heaven: Fun and NOT dirty;)

Hey guys! Thanks for taking my quiz. This is Seven minutes in Heaven that's fun but NOT dirty. So sit back, grab a cookie and a fresca and enjoy! And don't forget to rate and comment.;)

There's Ian, Scottish and sweet, Damien, spicy and seductive, Jamie, adorable and a great cook, and Wes, your besties cousin with a killer smile. Which one?!

Created by: SparklyScarlett

  1. Hi! Which number my friend?
  2. Ok what do you look like?
  3. Favorite color?
  4. So Ian's Scottish and super sweet, Damien's SEXY and dangerous, Jamie is blonde and a great cook, and Wes is your best friend's cousin and has a hot smile. Who appeals to ya?:D
  5. Ian is an animal lover!
  6. Damien plays the fiddle!
  7. Jamie surfs.;)
  8. Wes' favorite show is Spongebob.
  9. Who do you like best?
  10. Do you like my quiz? Will you rate? Comment?

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