Selena Gomez Quiz

There are MANY smart people. There are MANY MANY MANY dumb people. There is about 2 Selena Gomez fan boys/girls in the world, being able to pass this quiz.

Are YOU a genius? DO you have the brain power to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes, you will find out!

Created by: SingerSentral

  1. You know how these quizzes go. So, full name?
  2. Birthday?
  3. First TV Show?
  4. Birth place?
  5. Pick the movie she has been in (in the following).
  6. Which of the following is the instrument she can play?
  7. Select the true statement.
  8. Age when Selena's mom had her?
  9. Did Selena move when she got the part for "Wizards of Waverly Place"?
  10. Color?
  11. Food?
  12. Movie?
  13. Sport?
  14. Weirdest question in this quiz: Bra size?
  15. Shoe size?
  16. Quiz rating? (No effect.)

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