Do you know the Selena Gomez lyrics?

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There are lots of selena gomez fans out here. I'm not a fan of her but i also like her songs. Her voice is amazing and her songs are amazing as well. She is a very talented singer. So i thought of making this quiz.

Hey selenators! This quiz is for you. Wanna know how much of selena gomez lyrics you know? Take this quiz and find out! Hope you get the results u want! Goood luck.

Created by: LAL

  1. "keep you beneath the stars..."
  2. "only for a moment, but i don't mind..."
  3. "i've cried out all my tears.."
  4. "i can do anything i put my mind to.."
  5. "hurts so good, love and pain..."
  6. "they don't know, so it's okay.."
  7. "our love was made to rule.."
  8. "won't let one drop go to waste..."
  9. "it's been said and done.."
  10. "don't know how i'll survive.."
  11. "i'm going home with who i came with.."

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Quiz topic: Do I know the Selena Gomez lyrics?