This quiz is pretty pointless, I just gloat about being out of school. You should take this quiz anyway because I say good things. Are you even reading this?

What? You're still here! You're not going to find anything interesting! I don't write the juicy stuff in the 2nd paragraph. I write it in the parting words. ;)

Created by: Firey_Soul

  1. Hiya!
  2. Guess what?
  3. SCHOOL'S OUT BEYOTCHES!!!!!!! I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! :D *victory dance*
  4. That's all I really needed to say. I'm so close to leveling up, and this quiz might just get me there. So yeah. :P
  5. For those of you who read my series, just warning you- it may take a while. Perhaps I'll just take a short break from writing. I mean, I have like NO motivation right now. I write best when I'm inspired, and who knows? Maybe I'll get up in the morning in a writing mood and start my series. I'm just unpredictable like that.
  6. Sooo... since I'm taking up precious space on gotoquiz, I might as well make this quiz have some sort of a purpose.
  7. In the comments, I want you to tell me...
  8. Anything!
  9. You could tell me how much you love me, or how much you hate me. You could say hi. You could tell me your plans for summer. You could give me a would you rather or truth or dare. You could tell me how awesome smosh is. You could announce the fact that you just burped. You could tell me your deepest, darkest secret. You could ask me to marry you. I don't care, just leave me a comment. And it is likely that I will reply.
  10. Bye! :)

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