Scary Love part 13 THE FINAL CHAPTER

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*sobs* its over. I know its sooner than i said it was going to be but oh well. Now i have nothing to do. Read and comment on these. I'm sooo sad now. I feel like I'm loosing a kid. I really do. Not that I have a kid or anything.

*sniffles* *cries*

Created by: xX3mo_Ang3lXx

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  1. So we all talked and decided that we were going to hunt Cam down and stop him. Then we were all going to take down the Coven down together. We were all sitting in the livingroom, going over the details. I was sitting beside Jareth, almost sick to death of hearing the word Coven. I had grown bored over 45 minutes ago and started entertaining myself by creating small fire and water balls and juggling them. Everyone acted as if this was normal and happened everyday. Finally I just fell asleep against Jareth’s shoulder.
  2. I had the creepiest dream too. We had gone to go find Cam but when we finally found him at this weird grey castle-thing, he didn’t want to come with us. “Cam, come on,” I said. He was looking at the ground when I said this, then he looked at me. His eyes were blood red. “Why don’t you come here, Sage?” “Cameron, stop playing around,” I said feeling uneasy. He took off flying into the sky, and when I looked up to find him, he appeared infront of me, just staring. He took hold of me and started walking back towards the castle. “Let me go,” I said, struggling against him. **** I woke up screaming as Adrian was shaking me awake. “Are you alright?” he asked, looking concerned. “Yeah,” I said after I caught my breath. “We have to go now if we want to surprise the Coven,” Jareth said, leaning against the desk in the room, watching.
  3. I slipped on a pair of jeans over my sleeping shorts and a t-shirt over my tank top and threw my messy hair into a ponytail. “Let’s go.” Jareth smirked. “We all need to fire travel, otherwise the security will be informed as soon as we show up.” I looked over at everyone else who was waiting in the hall, already prepared to go. “Can you take all of us at once?” “He’s done it before,” Adrian said, coming over to stand by me. Everyone gathered in the room and all somehow got linked to Jareth. He held one of my hands, and Adrian held the other. The rest of the group made a partial circle behind us facing outward as we all linked hands.
  4. Within a couple of seconds of silence, there was an extremely bright flash of orange and another warm breeze. I opened my eyes and we were in a courtyard of sorts. There was a worn-down gazebo that we were standing on. There were dead plants all around us. Even the grass was dead. I could see where it once was beautiful, but now it was like a tornado had hit it. There were several halls connecting to the gazebo. They were dark and dank, except for a few candles that lit a path down them every 50 feet or so. “Alright,” Adrian said. “This is where we split up.” Tommy, Adrian, Tanya, and I got together and looked at Ethan, Billy, Jareth, and Katie.
  5. “Good luck you guys,” Jareth said, looking pointedly at me. “We’re going to take care of her bro,” Tommy said, lightly kissing Katie on her lips, then rejoined our group. We walked away from each other and I thought I was going to cry. Adrian was holding my hand and when he heard me sniffle, he squeezed it in reassurance. We had taken a tunnel West. The other group took a tunnel Northeast. All of us were silent except for our footsteps, which were weirdly quiet in the long hall of hell. We finally came to a fork in the tunnels sending us either south or north. We chose south and prayed that it was the right choice. “I don’t feel so good about this guys,” Tommy whispered quietly. Out of nowhere, a guy in a black robe appeared before us. “What are you-“ He didn’t have time to finish the rest of the sentence because Tanya had already telekinetically snapped his neck and he fell to the ground. “What are we supposed to do with him now?” Tommy asked, staring at the corpse.
  6. Adrian turned to me. “I know this sounds disgusting, but can you burn the body?” I made a icky face and gulped. The only thing that I used my powers for really was for fireballs and water downpours.(which came in handy when I burnt my toast the other morning) I sighed and imagined that the body was on fire. And it suddenly was. We coughed from the smoke. We heard someone running towards us from the direction we were going and we all froze, theoretically of course. It was a lonely knight like this other guy had been. This time Tanya didn’t snap his neck. Tommy grabbed a hold of him and put his hand over his mouth. Adrian marched up to the knight and held a knife to his throat. Where he got the knife I have no idea. “Which is the way to your leader’s chambers?” he asked vehemently.
  7. The guy obviously wasn’t that loyal because he pointed at the way he came from. He looked at all of us but his eyes settled on me. They widened in recognition. I grinned evilly at him. Then the dude fainted. Literally, fainted. “Great,” Tommy said, throwing him over his shoulder. “Now I’m going to have to carry his lead ass.” Adrian led the way as we worked our way down the tunnel. Finally, we came to a huge door that had some kind of small screen beside it. “It’s a hand print recognition device,” Tanya said, sighing. Tommy put the helpless knight-dude down and held his hand to the screen. There was a green flash from it and it went BBEEEEPP. Then the door clicked open.
  8. Adrian grinned at Tommy. “You genius devil you,” he said and stepped inside, ready for a fight. I peeked inside the door and there was a bed with a huge man sleeping in it. All of the sudden I got a brave feeling. I looked around the room; searching for a weapon I could kill the b------ with. I spotted a fireplace with a massive sword collection hanging above it on the wall. I quietly walked over to it and grabbed the one I could easily reach. (Hey, it was a tall freaking fireplace okay?) It was black with a red pinstripe down the sheath. I uncovered the blade from it’s protector and looked at the magnificent work done on it. I walked over to the bed and stepped onto it. I watched the big man sleep soundly as I stepped over him with one leg that way I was standing over him.
  9. Apparently the man has some kind of unconscious thing about people staring at him while he sleeps, because he opened his eyes and looked straight into mine. He identified me rather quickly by the look of his terrified face. “What do you want Sage?” he asked in a shaky voice as he eyed the sword that was nearly closing in on his throat. “We want you to give up,” Adrian said, coming out of the shadows as he watched me with curious eyes. “That is unspeakable,” the man said. “Now Gregory, you don’t look as if you really have a choice,” Adrian replied, indicating my dangerous weapon and me. “She’s just a girl with a sharp stick,” Gregory said, looking up at me. This royally pissed me off. I slightly lifted the sword. He looked like he could almost sigh in relief. That was until the sword grew fire on it and was pointed at his neck again. He looked up at me and I cocked my head and smirked at him. The horrified expression returned. “Again. What do you want?” There was an explosion of fire in the middle of the room and Jareth appeared with the rest of the group. Jareth had a large gash on the side of his face where it looked like he had been cut by something. Katie had a few fresh bruises on her arms. Billy was limping, and Ethan had blood running down the side of his chest. Looks like we took the easier way.
  10. Jareth scanned the room until he found me standing overtop of Gregory. He noticed the flaming sword and smirked. “You can let him go Sage. I need to speak with him.” I almost stayed there, until I thought about what Billy had told me about Jareth. He always had a reason for what he was doing.
  11. I jumped down from the bed and went to tend to some wounds. I took of my shirt and ripped it in half so I could make a makeshift bandage for Ethan. He was trying to smile and play it off like it was nothing. Mentally, I asked Billy if Ethan was all right. He said no, so I ripped off Ethan’s shirt and wrapped him up. Tanya was already helping Billy off of his feet. He had a broken leg, which we could do nothing for until we got home. I was halfway listening to Jareth jump down Gregory’s throat. He had all but threatened to rip his…yeah you get the point. “So either call off all of your men right now and let Sage reclaim her rightful place on the throne, or go through the hell that three-fourths of your whole village just went through right now,” Jareth told him in an eerily calm voice. I turned around just in time to watch Gregory spit on Jareth’s shoes. “I would never surrender to you little hellions.”
  12. Jareth looked at his shoe then back at Gregory. “Alright then.” Jareth took the sword that I had given him and shoved it through Gregory’s left shoulder blade. The old man howled in agony and rolled over onto the floor, praying for death. He was lying on his back when Jareth pounced on his chest and held him down with his knee. He put his hand around Gregory’s neck and was choking him. I could tell that Jareth was beyond pissed at this point. Jareth’s hand caught on fire and it was burning the neck of Gregory so bad that all you could smell was burnt flesh. Adrian had been standing next to me and I turned to him when I couldn’t stand the torturing anymore. I heard the horrific screaming slowly die down as Gregory began to loose life. I had buried my face in Adrian’s chest when I turned to him and he was watching Jareth kill the man who was intent on killing me, along with anything good in the world. I didn’t realize it at first, but they had Cam with them. He was just standing in the shadows with his head down.
  13. Jareth had finally regained control of his emotions. He turned to all of us. “I had no choice. We basically won anyways, but I had to make a point and make sure that this madness doesn’t happen again.” We all did the circle thing again. Jareth didn’t take my hand this time. Only Adrian touched him on his shoulder and I held Adrian’s and Ethan’s hand and completed the circle. I was only two feet away from Jareth and all I could smell from him was smoke and blood. It was enough to make me almost gag. We went home and we all dispersed into our own sections of the mansion. Billy got to take a trip to the hospital, along with Ethan, who was escorted by Tanya. Tommy and Katie went to their room. Adrian went to his room, and Cam went to the roof to get out of everyone’s hair. Jareth had headed straight for the shower.
  14. I sat in the livingroom, in a daze. Thinking about what had just went down. I had no clue what was going to happen to my life now, but all I know is that I wanted to spend it with…….
  15. Thank you all so much for reading my stories and stuff! Incase you haven't read them already, I have a story/series thing going with a quiz called UnNoticed. Its actually a book and stuff. It already has a sequel, so hurry and read it so i can put more of it up!

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