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this is a personality like quiz where you can tell which member you are becuz you know i like sabbath and ROFL i know you do too so enjoy tthis quiz

are you ozzy, tony, geezer, or bill. it all depends on your personality the way you are, the way you think and what you mean.each result is diffrent and people are too.....

Created by: OZZYIOMMI

  1. you just go with it
  2. you do your own thing though you can work in groups or teams without them quiting
  3. you know what happens all the time
  4. you have no clue
  5. "i cant find....."oh there it is
  6. you do all the work round here
  7. i dont see the point cuz it dont make sense
  8. ur down to earth
  9. realistic?
  10. u arent told "get with the program"

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