What Black veil Brides member are you most like

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There are so many hot people but in bvb your in heaven good thing your checking this quiz out because now you can check your personality and check to see what bvb member you are

In just a few mins. You will find out your personality are you Andy the hot one. Ashley the popular one. Jake the calm one. CC the crazy one. Or jinxx the weird one good luck

Created by: Anna Biersack
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. The classic: whats your favorite color
  2. Do you swear a lot and/or stick up the middlefinger a lot
  3. Do you have long hair
  4. What would you consider your self
  5. Who is your bvb member crush
  6. What's your hair color
  7. What inspired you to like black veil brides
  8. What would you want your last name to be
  9. What kind of music did you like before bvb
  10. What would you want your brother/sisters name to be

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Quiz topic: What Black veil Brides member am I most like