Runaway Werewolf part 1

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This is my first story quiz. It's actually based on a story I'm writing at the moment. It's ok once you get into it. Well actually it depends if you like supernatural stories to be honest...

Ashley Hail has recently been promoted to a jail guardian but things go a bit wrong when a fellow colleuge looses his temper throwing dangerous things around. Fortunately she's there to stop him, but she ends up getting hurt and passes out and while he's off getting help. The prisoner Jamie escapes. Ashley is then accused of helping him escape and is then taken to court, If found guilty it's the death sentence

Created by: sammierox1997

  1. Your name is Ashley. Ash for short. You have colour changing eyes-very rare in wolves, and long black hair plaited down your back. You live with the royals and are a highly respected guard with amazing abillities. You are trained in all martial arts to the highest level, and have won several medals for serving the royals. You have recently been promoted to guard the werewolf prison
  2. You wake up at the crack of dawn, 4am sharp ready for duty. You stride out the dorm and straight down to the prison. Where you meet a tall, rather hot looking guy. He has sugar brown hair with aqua blue eyes that burn intently on your skin like a flame. "Hey, I'm Brayden." he cocks his head to the side waiting for an awnser but your still stood there ultimately shocked by his beauty, He chuckles "I presume you're Ashley Hail then?". You snap out of it and nod your head. Brayden spins around and begins to walk, you follow obediently "I hear you're a martial art legend and trust me the royals never shut up about you. Oh and is it true your eyes change colour?" He spins back round and plonks a flat cami green cap onto your head. You snort "Yeah it's true-they both are. Anyhow who am I teaming with?" Brayden replies "me" with a smug grin on his face.
  3. Eventually after a long winding route through the underground tunnels you come to an occupied cell. "This is Jamie, the queen's murderer as I'm sure you're aware, i mean it's not like you couldn't not know it's the talk of the palace" Brayden said a hint of upsetence to his tone. You glance into the cell. You see Jamie, he is about your height with short black hair and slanted cheek bones with rose pink lips. To your surprise he also has colourchanging eyes they are framed by thick black lashes. His eyes look up to meet yours they change from blue to red. You think...(Just to notify blue is sadness or despair and red is anger or passion
  4. "Oh, so this is Ashley, the little chick you were fantasising about ever since you heard she'd be working here?" Jamie said sarcastically to Brayden though a kind smile was on is face. He turns to you and says "Nice to meet another tainted wolf". Braydens hand flashes into his pocket and pulls out a knife he throws it into the cell. You...
  5. Despite everything else. You reflexively reach out and grab it. Unfortunately for you the blade goes directly into the centre of your palm. You yank it back out again. The room spins and you feel slightly light headed. Brayden locks an arm round your waist and helps you sit down. It's freezing cold and rather uncomfortable but at this point you really don't give a damn. Brayden kisses your forehead and tells you to be strong and to hold on till he gets back with some help. He runs off.
  6. For several minuites you remain sat against the wall; craddling your hand in agony. "Ashley, listen I can help you. Put your hand through the bar. I'll stop the blood, then you'll at least have the strength to wait for help" Jamie speaks up. You are atempting are smart arse comment but it comes outlike a strangled whine. "C'mon Ash, what other choice you got, bleed to death infront of a prison cell. Why should you when you've fought and lived through so many wars?" Although you are kind of hesitant you crawl across the floor and extend your hand into the cell. Jamie flashes forward and grabs your hand. Placing one of his hands either side of yours the wound stops bleeding. But you've still lost a lot of blood. You take your hand back and curl into a ball on your side. You breathing is raspy and you have no idea just how long you can stay strong. Everything goes black...
  7. You wake up in a room. Your room. You're in your bed. You're facing the wall. You go to sit up and the world starts to spin again a large hand from behind pushes you down. You allow yourslef to be pinned back down to the bed and you turn to face...
  8. "Hey you, you scared the heck outta me" Brayden whispers softly to you. "What the..." you say slightly baffled as to why you are in bed and brayden is in your room while you are in it too. Before you can protest Braydens hand is under the duvet, he takes your left hand and pulls it out from under the cover. It's wrapped with layers and layers of bandage. Then it comes back to you.
  9. Your stomach growls. You realise you're starving just as Brayden passes you a tray of ________. You smell it. "You drugged my dinner?" You ask unimpressed. "No, that was Carmen. Your nurse. My sister" and right on cue Carmen strides in with her hands full of bandages, plaster tape and scissors. "Brayden scoot" She says. Brayden makes himself scarce while waving bye, blowing you a kiss and promising he'll be back later. Carmen sits on your bedside and begins to cut at the bandage. "Well Ashley, nice to see you're awake. You slept long enough- 3 days to be exact" she cuts off when she notices a full tray of food. She turns to you. You smile sheepishly. "Not eating I see. Well we can sort that. I can force feed you, You can eat it normally or I can get you straight down the hospital and they can sedate you and feed you through a tube" You shiver. She continues with the bandage till it eventually drops to the bed. Carmen walks across to get the fresh bandage while you exmaine your hand stitches in both side must have gone right through. Carmen returns. "What did I do exactly?" you ask. "Got a knife in your hand, what does it look like?" she replies. You give her that look that means you want a serious awnser. "Okay, The knife went through your bone splintering it and still came out the otherside. What's your first impression of Carmen?
  10. Carmen gets you laid back down and comfortable again. "Right I hate to be the spreader of bad news but.." she starts "But you are going to court. Jamie escaped and they think you set him free. And if they think you're guilty. They execute you. The court is in a week" You are frozen. "But that's stupid, how could I? I was unconious hello?" "I know. So does Jamie, he's defending you in court". You begin to cry. "Hey, hey don't cry okay. I know Jamie, he'll prove it to them somehow don't you worry" she says soothingly. She sits next to you playing with your hair talking to you like a child.
  11. It is April the 3rd, the day is here. You stand infront of the mirror in your uniform. The door creaks open and Brayden enters. He stands behind you and you both stare into the mirror. His arms go to snake round your waist but you dodge it and begin to walk out. You get on your way to court you are stood outside. The doors are opened and you walk in. You think
  12. You are stood it's halfway through the session. Things aren't looking good for you. You look up at the balconies people are lined up wanting to hear the verdict. Then something catches your eyes. It's a boy he's stood behind the curtain buy you can see him. He's watching you. Jamie. Just as you think this things leap into action. Jamie springs from the balcony, switching forms midflight. He lands infront of you. You realise the plan. You jump onto his back and you're off. You head towards the exit but the double doors are shut. Yet Jamie continues to excel moving at breathtaking speeds. The door gets closer and closer. Until Smash. You break straight through it. Jamie seems unharmed and he races down the corridors dodging guards, arrows and bullets. Eventually you break out from the palace but you continue to run
  13. A couple of hours later, You come to a halt in a large open field with a couple of large trees lined along the edges. You hop of Jamies back he looks shattered. He switches forms. "God, I'm so glad you weigh just about nothing" he says begging to climb up one of the trees "Up you come then". You follow up the tree till you come to a platform. "What do you think?" He asks looking incredibly proud of himself. "Wow it's like a tree house, just without a roof" which was correct. There were several platforms the top one had two pillows and a blanket on it. The next one down just had two beanbags on it. And the last one was just plain. "Question" you say. "Go ahead" he replies. "What the hell happened back there?" " Well let me see, I just broke you out of the royal court so you don't suffer the death sentence because of me. Cos lets face it you didn't let me out, I let myself out. Anyhow I'll explain everything in the morning" Jamie says swinging up to the top platform-the bedroom. You stay put wondering what you should do. "C'mon on then" Jamie says beckoning her up. "There's only one blanket you know. Seriously Ash you surviied losing 80% of your blood. You got out of a royal court scot free. Do you really think I'm gonna let you die of hypothermia?" You laugh and hoist your self up.
  14. You are both laid under the blanket, it's suprisingly warm considering how thin it is. Jamie is asleep. And you are simply gazing at the stars wondering how the hell you got into this mess. Then you hear footsteps, and hushed voices. You slowly an quietly peek over the edge there are 5 people down there and just to make it worse they each have a bow and arrow and they are all pointing at Jamie. You pull back up you shake jamie as harshly and as quietly as possible but he isn't moving or responding. You look back over one of them releases the arrow and it's aiming directly for Jamie...

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