Are you a Werewolf

A quiz tio see if you are a Werewolf,half-blood, or a human start this quiz to find out if you dare "Blood Chilling wolf howl" You may or may not finish this quiz

Are you a werewolf just click the first question and finish the quiz to find out and by the way beware of wolves because this quiz can summon them to you Just joking

Created by: John Arnold

  1. You see the moon shine you begin to feel warm and powerful and want to run free. What do you do
  2. You change and feel like going for a hunt. What do you want to hunt and eat.
  3. You are now full and are now tired were will you rest for the night
  4. The sunrises and you decide to go find some small territory where is this territory located
  5. A bear wanders into your territory what do you do
  6. Twhat ever you did the bear is gone and you feel like heading home how do you het home
  7. You get home and it is dark you are at the front door and you are still a wolf you family is inside what do you do
  8. The change ends before the family sees you. you are ass naked what do you do
  9. The next day when you wake up you see you are sleeping with a female wolf what do you do
  10. The wolf wakes up and says good moring and you ask why she is a wolf she says it is a family secret

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Quiz topic: Am I a Werewolf