Who Turns Into A Werewolf?

It’s been a while since I did a quiz focused on werewolves. Today’s quiz will be about if you are ready to turn into a werewolf on your own without too much help.

Do you have any wolf in you? Any full-moon urges? You might turn into one..or be one. Even if you know for sure that you are one, this quiz could still be a fun experience.

Created by: WerewolfSquddi

  1. You and a friend go out on a full moon night. You both see a wolf. Who goes out to pet the wolf?
  2. If you chose to have your friend see the wolf, they walk out to see it. The wolf is angry and bites your friend.
  3. If you chose to go out and see the wolf, you pace towards the creature. You feel a little scared. The wolf rushes at you and bites your finger.
  4. If you chose to go out to see the wolf with your friend, the wolf bites your friend. They become a werewolf very quickly. They bite you, and you become one too.
  5. Are you a werewolf?
  6. Are you a vampire?
  7. Do you have anything extra to say to me?
  8. If you do, choose out of these options:
  9. Thank you for taking my quiz
  10. Now click that lil’ button down below..

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