Rugby World Cup 2015

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The Rugby World Cup is an important Sport event. Rugby is an important sport, similar to Football but with more players and it is more rough.

But how well do you know The Rugby World Cup 2015? Find out by taking my wonderful Rugby World Cup 2015 quiz. It will test your knowledge on The RWC.

Created by: Sphinx
  1. What group was England in?
  2. Who hosted the Rugby World Cup?
  3. What date did it start?
  4. What date will it end?
  5. Who won in the Semi Final South Africa vs New Zealand
  6. Did England make it past the group stage?
  7. Which team from the UK did not make it past the Group Stages?
  8. By how much did England beat Uruguay?
  9. What place did England finish in their Group?
  10. How many teams per group go past the Group Stage?

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