Rufio and Jennette Pt 1

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HEEEEEEELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! WELCOME TO A NEW QUIZ SERIES!! dont worry Is is Love or Is it Hate is still in business in fact im almost done with the 10th part

OK! this is my version of......wait for it...................ROMEO AND JULLIET!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! but i changed it up alittel RUFIO AND JENNETTE!

Created by: Kierra_LOVE

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  1. First day at school...this is going to be so odd...especially if you are Spanish going to an English school...filled with nothing but English people...Rufio was the new boy in town and his father told him how cruel English people can be...of course...not all people are cruel according to what his father told him...because an elderly English man hired him to one of the highest positions in the bussiness. But that would mean of school, new everything! Rufio is NOT happy.
  2. Rufio walked down the halls for his first wasnt easy though, everyone including the teachers glared at him...making him feel uneasy...
  3. Once he got there, his teacher introduced him and the class just stared at him, or didnt pay any attention to him. Except one...her name was Jennette.
  4. Jennette was a very shy girl. She was always quiet when a new kid comes to school. Although, with this new kid, Rufio, she felt alot different...he was kinda cute with his jet black shoulder length hair, carmel skin, and gorgeous hazel eyes. But it was impossible...her father told her that all Spanish citizens where terrible and that she should never trust how in the world can he be different??
  5. Rufio noticed the girl Jennette looking at him........what should he do? what if she's one of the English who hates Spanish? what would everyone else think for a Spanish boy and an English girl seen looking at eachother, but not in a hateful way?! so many thoughts running through Rufio's head...can he even talk to her? "To be or Not to be....that is the question".....he can try to 'be' friendly with this girl if she accepts...
  6. he studied her...she had brunette hair that went down to her back, beautiful blue eyes...porcelain skin....she was so beautiful...."English" he thought..."Why out of all things...did she have to be English?"
  7. Lunch came and that was very difficult....he could sit anywhere...not even at the nerd's table! so he decided to eat wasnt the best option but he had no other he ate he noticed the girl Jennette walking down the sidewalk with a few they passed by the others laughed at him while Jennette just looked at him. Her eyes were filled with sadness...Rufio didnt like that...he wanted to help and cheer her up....but he knew he couldnt...
  8. Rufio decided to skip the next period...he then saw a park not far from the school he decided to go there...he saw an oak tree and decided to climb it. Once he climbed and sat down he looked down and saw her again walking by the tree....Was she following him? hopefully not. he didnt want to be seen but as he was backing away into the shadows he slipped, fell and landed right in front of her! the two looked at each other shocked....this is not good...
  9. "Uhh...Hi" says Jennette "H-Hi" says Rufio "Im Jennette..." "Rufio.." CLIFFHANGERSSSS SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!
  10. rate and comment! please tell me if you liked it!

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