Root Caries CE Exam

Root caries affects many people and has been a growing concern among patients who are medically compromised or are on multiple medications. It is important to understand the causes, prevention, and treatment of the disease to effectively manage your patients' total health.

This is a post test for continuing education credits. You will be notified if you pass at the end. If you pass, print out the results page and mail it in.

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  1. In what age group is root caries most prevalent?
  2. What is the biggest cause of root caries in elderly adults?
  3. Which ion is most effective at preventing dental caries?
  4. True or False: Cigarettes may cause increased dental caries and periodontitis, but smokeless tobacco does NOT.
  5. The most common material used as a filling material for root caries is:
  6. Which of the following types of medications are most likely to cause dry mouth?
  7. Which of the foods below may provide a protective element to teeth?
  8. If a patient complains of dry mouth, what would you recommend?
  9. According to the "Root Caries Protocol", if you have a male patient that smokes and is on two medications, which risk category would he be in?
  10. According to the "Root Caries Protocol", if you have a high risk patient, what should the intervention be?
  11. Where are you located?

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