Robyn Quizamonie

A quiz about the swedish popstar Robyn which hopefully is hard enough to be a challenge for some of the most dedicated fans but not so hard it is just impossible for anyone score highly.

So why are you reading this? Just begin the quiz. I've only typed this out because the website demands this field has a minimum of one hundred and fifty characters.

Created by: Mallet
  1. With which French Artist(s) did Robyn take part in a 'foreign exchange' concept; for which they both covered a song by the other?
  2. What is Robyns middle name?
  3. With which duo did Robyn record a song called 'Hey U'?
  4. Which of these does Robyn NOT dance to the beat of?
  5. Who features on the Intro/Skit 'Curriculum Vitae' on the 'Robyn' album?
  6. Which of these songs features on the album 'My Truth'?
  7. Which of these will you NOT be tonight, according to Dream On?
  8. Which of these songs has one official music video and only one?
  9. On which track do the lyrics 'Back in suburbia kids get high and make out on the train' feature?
  10. With which singer did Robyn headline the 'All Hearts Tour' with in 2010?

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