Rise of the Guardian: Part 7

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Hey guys! Soo..... I'm only doing two... (yes, two) more parts to this. Sorry! But I Swear, There's going to be a third sequel thingy and then that'll be it. G'day lol.

Also, the results are poetry again. Lemme know if you enjoy it or if I'm just wasting my time writing it. Also, I'd like to thank Ericat, HoundLover and Weirdhead for all they do!

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. " You really are gorgeous, yknow?" the stranger reminisced, a small blush creeping up my cheeks as I looked up into his silver eyes, a wave of fear washing over me. " Thanks... I guess." " Humble too. Let me let you in on a little secret." he chuckled softly, leaning over me with a dangerous grin, his teeth like fangs as he took my hand in his. " You're no ordinary Guardian goddess. You're much more than that."
  2. " Then... Then what am I?" I faintly squeaked, my voice harsher sounding than I wanted it to be. " You're the chosen one, Angelica. You could have it all, you wondrous girl. Fame, popularity, fortune.... But those things wouldn't appeal to a girl like you. All you want is safety, and I can give that to you." he offered, twisting a strand of his midnight black hair inbetween his fingertips, making me blush fiercely." What do you mean?"
  3. His eyes like daggers, he took the tip of his index finger, tilting my chin up so our eyes met. Warily, I glanced into them, overwhelmed by the expression of pure hope on his face. " Angelica, i know I kidnapped you, technically, but I did it for your own good. If I didn't, Lucifer would have sent his third son to get you. Do you want that?" he asked, a tight frown settled on his face as I shook my head.
  4. " Lucifer's son? He has another one? Where's he getting these things?!" I asked in utter disgust, my nose crinkling as he gave a cute laugh. " Yes, he has three sons. Castiel, Daemon, and D. j." he stated, throwing in a wink. " As for where he gets these guys, your guess is as good as mine."
  5. ***Maple***I get the fact we're supposed to be looking for ditzy... I mean, Angelica, but I really can't focus on an empty stomach, yknow? I strolled into the kitchen, my eyes popping wide open as I spotted her boyfriend practically making out with a box of Lucky Charms. " Yuck. I bet she'd hate to see you cheat on her like that." I chuckled softly, taking the box from him and dipping my hand into it, stealing a handful.
  6. "Huh? Oh... Uh.... Ha." he stammered, tears invading his eyes as he stared glumly at the box. " You okay?" I mumbled, looking over at the battleground going on his golden eyes, his war between tears a stale mate. " I'm fine... No, I'm not. This is your fault!" " My fault!? Why my fault!? I can't help it you were too busy sleeping while ditzy was being kidnapped!" I roared, not taking his sass.
  7. ***Zach***My blood began to boil as Maple started to argue with me, her words freezing my heart. Ditz. Angelica is no ditz. " Shut up! I don't ever... EVER want to hear you call her that again!" I roared, my teeth grinding together as I roughly shoved her away from me. " Jeez, call off your watch dogs, man. I'm just trying to lighten the mood." she laughed softly, flicking her turquoise side-ponytail with a smirk.
  8. ***Louis***Angelica. Poor, sweet, Angelica. If I were her boyfriend, I would have had her by my side, I would treat her right. She'd be my queen, my godess. She'd be placed on a pedestal, gems and rubies spread around her, sparkling as the sun kissed her skin majestically. But no. She liked Zach. The trouble maker, the player, the goofy guy who could win any girls heart.... My best friend.
  9. ***Angelica***" Wait a minute. Why would his son want me? I'm not even.." "single? Yeah, no. That's not why he wants you. There's more to it then that." he sighed softly, using his white button up shirt-sleeve to wipe the blood dripping down my chin. " What does he want me for? Who are you anyway? And why would you care what happens to me?" I burst out, his steel eyes making me feel silly.
  10. "You ask a lot of questions, missy." he chortled, tossing a flirty wink before looking straight into my eyes. " He wants you for who you are, the chosen one. Your death could give him a new life, you get that? I chose to help you because I like you and feel you shouldn't have to die to give him life. As for my name, you can call me Evian, Evian Dubar."
  11. " Evian, can you at least let me call..." " Your boyfriend? Sure." he shrugged slightly, tossing me an iPhone5 with a tiny bit of jealousy in his smile. " Thanks." I whispered, listening as the phone began to vibrate. " Hello?" a raspy voice asked, his voice freezing my heart. " Zach.. It's me, Angelica."
  12. ***Zach***" Hello?" I answered my phone, an unregistered number appearing on my phone screen. " Zach... It's me, Angelica." she rasped, her voice dry and scratchy, yet sounding like sweet music to my ears. " Angelica! Babe! Are you okay!? Where are you!? What happened!?" I hollered excitedly, everyone running into the room, looks of shock on their faces. " Zach, I'm fine. I have no idea where I am, but I'm safe."
  13. ***Angelica***His breaths grew thinner and thinner, softer and softer, tears rolling down my cheeks as I listened to his voice. " I.... I don't think I can keep..." " Keep what?" I asked. " I don't think I can keep doing this. Being your boyfriend. It's so hard thinking I lost you. It's my fault..." " Zach, no. No, I get it, it's... It's totally fine. I... I gotta go, tell the others I'm fine." I sniffed, tears pouring down my face, a tear landing on the screen before I hung up.
  14. ***Abigail***"I don't think I can keep doing this. Being your boyfriend. It's so hard thinking I lost you. It's my fault..." Zach trailed off, tears snaking down his face as he gave a small nod. After a minute of listening to the other line, he sat the phone down, a mixture of sadness and joy in his golden eyes. " What was that?" Grayson asked in shock, his blue eyes studying Zach for any emotion other than sadness, unable to pick any up. " She's... Alive. She says she is fine. Now if you'll excuse me..." he mumbled, stalking off in tears.
  15. ***Evian***As she spoke on the phone, her once bright smile began to falter, tears streaming down her eyes as she shook her head in disgust. " Zach, no. No I get it, it's... It's totally fine. I... I gotta go, tell the others I'm fine." she sniffed, a tear landing on my phone screen before she hung up. " What happened?" " He broke up with me."
  16. Had she just said he broke up with her!? Who in their right mind would do that? " I'm sorry Angelica. I really am." I whispered softly, lifting her from her seat and wrapping my arms around her waist, pulling her into a warm embrace. She quickly buried her face into my chest, her hands tightly gripping my shoulder blades as she sobbed bitterly. " Angelica, he must have been crazy to break up with you. You're so special, and any guy who can't see that is both stupid and unable to love." I whispered into her ear, her body tensing as she gave a vigorous nod. " Evian... Thanks for comforting me. You're the best."
  17. ***Lucifer***" Where do you think he's got her?" Derrek asked, stumbling about idiotically, like usual, asking stupid questions that didn't need to be asked at all. " I don't know, you bonehead. Give me time."
  18. ***Maple***That idiot. He broke up with her!? With a shake of my head, I turned to face the others, everyone beaming proudly like they were told they'd won the lottery. " Bozos, did you not remember we have no idea where she is?" " So? We can track her easily now that we know she's alive." Grayson shrugged, shutting his eyes and doing some sort of meditation. " ohmmm.... Ohmmmm..." I mumbled teasingly, Castiel giving a snicker as I did a yoga pose. " Maple. Psst! Maple!" Abigail whispered, taking a hold of my wrist and pulling me into the hallway.
  19. " What?" I whispered In an agitated voice, her brown eyes lighting up as she subtly pointed over to Castiel. " That one totally likes you, Mape." she giggled softly, my cheeks warming up as I furrowed my eyebrows in disgust. That's what I was feeling, right? " He does not, Abby-gale. Just mind your business." I sighed, walking back to the kitchen with a tight smile.
  20. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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