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  • 50%:( I'm 16 and love reading novels but seems like I need to pay more attention to these literary terms. But, come on, it was hard, atleast that's what I felt...

    Hide and seek May 3 '15, 8:02AM
  • I got 9+10%! (Lol ;P) But oh well.. I only knew synochdeche because I'm only 14. OHHH!!! My compooper didn't know that word! OOOOOHHHHHH!!!

    Lizzzy Jan 19 '15, 6:10PM
  • Ok, seriously, I got 0 and guessed the whole thing
    I am only 12, but I feel as though I need to read a bit more. Logically, I should have got at least one at least by accident, but I guess not.
    I got freakin 0

    Nyx Sep 2 '14, 7:06AM
  • I got 93%, and I am 17 years old. I feel like that's some sort of accomplishment.

    PoemiTheGreat Jun 15 '14, 4:45AM

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