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  • Awp mid smoke screen b rush b with tech nines

    boop234 Feb 1 '16, 4:13PM
  • This iz so craziiiiiiii. Pleeeeeeeeze repost to 39 friends or ur crush will have diarrhea for 3 weeks. 4 real.

    Crazyboiii69 Dec 31 '15, 11:20PM

    burumargo Dec 31 '15, 3:27PM

    TRUFFLE Nov 18 '15, 10:23AM

    TRUFFLE Nov 18 '15, 10:22AM
  • carter can go suck my big fat hairy jucy toe

    trimm Nov 16 '15, 8:12AM
  • i love u nick sike thats the wrong number

    trimm Nov 16 '15, 8:06AM
  • nick is gayyyyy and 74%

    trimm Nov 16 '15, 8:03AM
  • people who post these chain mails STOP it is not true and if it did happen someone or soemthing made it happen (I am Christian so I dont believe in superstition) and if it comes true it wint happen to me because I dint have a crush crushes are for the weak hatred is what makes man stringer

    Henryk Sep 16 '15, 5:20AM
  • 77 republican. YAY :D

    mollygen5 Apr 25 '15, 11:02PM
  • re

    louisgleasonnnnn Apr 17 '15, 6:48PM
  • 89% democrat

    lexi is fab Apr 12 '15, 10:15PM
  • 97% republican. 'Nuff said

    arseraererr Mar 14 '15, 1:45PM
  • 77% Democrat... I'm a Libertarian....

    Say wha Mar 5 '15, 3:12AM
  • okkkkkkkkkklkk

    hase Feb 26 '15, 12:29PM

    9714QWR Feb 23 '15, 10:49AM
  • mr ogean is my SS teacher

    yasshoe Feb 20 '15, 3:35PM
  • yA$$ bish

    yasshoe Feb 20 '15, 3:33PM
  • b---- pls

    yasshoe Feb 20 '15, 3:32PM
  • Some of the questions do not supply enough answers. Some may be answered undecided because the answer is not offered.

    Whatisinaname Jan 26 '15, 7:20PM
  • lmao politiks xD

    phaggit Jan 20 '15, 12:36AM
  • I don't know how to repost a comment so that's why I can't repost your comment mleggett.

    gzzz Jan 5 '15, 6:58PM

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