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  • Wow. How old is Aaron again? That was scary. I mean, if I saw Sydney twice at my house, I'd tell my parents to get me out of this town. Mostly because I'm terrified of ghosts. Just the scary ones.

    What if...Sydney isn't nice? What if she's taking her time to haunt Shae? It would be very freaky to see pale faces and dark hair in the reflections of a mirror, a window or just anywhere during the night. Maybe Shae will help Sydney or something. I'm really liking it :3

    I bet her mom knows something, maybe like family history. Can Sydney touch the real world? I like how Shae isn't scared of her, looking for her and telling her mom. It would actually traumatize someone who's young but understands the situation, seeing as to Shae seeing Sydney every year at the 8th of September (thank god it's October).

    Part 3 :D

  • Oh. My. Goodness. I was afraid of that answer when Aaron laughed >.< Poor Shae, having to dredge up all those memories again :/ It's intriguing though... does the mom know something? And is Sydney back for a purpose? Or perhaps she's wandering as a ghost because there's something about her death that needs to be finished before she rests in peace...? Hmm... I'll be on the look out for part 3 :)


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