Red Hands ...(part 4)

Hello! Apparently people (xxblutixx) acctually reads these paragraphs, so I'm trying to think of something important to say to fill up the space... Ummmmmmmmmmm....

...So, there's some stuff going on that probably doesn't make sence to you right now, and there's acctually alot of unexplained things happening in the series in general, but answers are coming soon!

Created by: Weaux

  1. "Nice car." Upton said surprised. "Well are you gonna drive it, or just stare at it?" she asked sarcastically. Upton gladly walked over to the car and got in along with Genevieve. He stuck the keys in the egnition and heard the engine roar. It really was a nice car, leather seats, a built in GPS sistem, 'Genevieve's father must be loaded' he thought. "I already have the GPS programed, so just make a leaft here at the exit." Upton drove cautiously out of the school, and followed the direction of the GPS untill they finally made it to the lake house.
  2. The house was enormously large and Intricately designed with festive decorations. The fact that there was a party going on was made obvious by all the cars and teenagers In sight, and if that wasn't sure enough to give it away, the music definately would. "This is the place!" Genevieve squeeled. "Come on you have to meet my friends!"
  3. What Upton and Genevieve hadn't noticed on there way there, was that they where being followed by the ever-so curious Beverley Amberfield. He had followed them there only to get answers to questions he was too conserned with to go without revealing to himself. He made it into the house, leaving a safe distance between him and his point of interest, Upton. He spotted him and Genevieve by a group of girls who seemed to be interesred in Upton, and familiar with Genevieve.
  4. He watched intently for a moment, when he recieved a startling tap on the shoulder. "Yes?" he gasped turning around only to meet a smug-looking Bronwen. "Bronwen!" he exlaimed. She crossed her arms in disappointment. "Beverley, what did I tell you about coming here?" she asked. "I need answers and if I'm not going to get them from you or Upton..." he trailed off. "That was a warning." she reminded him about how she warned him not to come. "I really have no other choice than to find out for myself by continuing to break your silly ruels." he hinted subtly. "Okay, I get it. You need answers and you'll get them." she said. "Just stop looking, and come with me." She walked away slowly, and Beverley followed.
  5. Bronwen somehow got away from him. He could see her entering a hallway up ahead. He pushed himself through the crowd, till he finally reached the hallway she had entered. "Bronwen?" He called out, but she was nowhere to be seen. "Bronwen?" He walked through the hall listening to his footsteps echo. The hall was large, but it was also quiet, and dark. "Bronwen where are you?" He continued wandering in the dark, when a light turned on. It iluminated a large display case. "Hazelwood family accomplishments." he whispered as he read the plaque above the display. He began examining the individual Items it held: A first place swimming competition trophe, a few pieces of handmade pottery, a stuffed pheasant... there where too many things, Beverley was wasting his time. So he stepped away, and mysteriously, the lights turned off.
  6. Beverley watched puzzeld, and disturbed. How where these lights operating by themselves? He jumped as the light turned on again, but this time, over only one of the glass cases. Beverley controled himself, and stepped closer to the display. His breathing was heavy, he could hear his heart beating in his ears. He slowly aproched the case, this time he knew he'd find something important. Inside the glass box, glowing in the spot light was a knife. Bloody and rusted, seeing it there freightend him even more. Just then, he heard foot steps walking down the hall. In the spur of the moment he panicked. with a sweaty hand, he opened the display case, and took the knife.
  7. ~ "So, what do you think of my friends?" Genevieve asked as she walked down the broad, and dimly light hall with Upton. "They're very... interesting." He remembered being surrounded by a tribe of Genevieve clones. Suddenly, she stopped. "Did you hear that?" She asked. "Hear what?" Upton responded with a question of his own. "Somebody's in here." She said as she peered into the darkness. "So? There's alot of people here." He reminded her. "But I wanted to be alone with you." She smiled.
  8. "Why?" Upton asked awkwardly. "I don't know." she laughed softly and placed a hand on his shoulder. Upton uncomfortably removed her hand. "But we're not alone in here." he tried talking her out of any ideas she had. "You're right, maybe we should go out by the lake." she walked toward a door at the end of the hall, and Upton followed.
  9. They both walked out of the doorway and onto a deck over looking the lake. "Wow, Isn't this beautiful?" Genevieve asked, staring at the lake. She walked down the steps and onto the shore, slipping of her shoes. She dipped her feet in the cold water, lifting up her dress to avoid wetting it. Upton watched from the deck not wanting to join her. "Come on!" she called out to him. Reluctantly, he headed over to meet her by the shoreline were she was splashing in the water and laughing like a little kid. But before reaching her, he noticed something strange reflecting the moonlight in the course, wet sand.
  10. There's kind of alot going on in the story right now, but it all comes together, trust me. Sorry for being late again :/. I could get through these so much faster if I didn't completly run out of ideas right in the middle of it every single time. :P ...Bye!

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