Red Hands...(part 2)

So here's the second part you all asked for! It has some interesting parts in it, and I'm curious about your reaction towards it, so dont forget to comment!

This part is mostly about Upton, and i recognize that some of you may find Beverley and Bronwen to be a little more interesting, but fret not! that's comming in part three!

Created by: Weaux

  1. Upton was heading his way. Beverley ran quickly before he would notice him. He was spying, and on his best friend. It made him feel dirty, like he was invading his personal space, but this was serious, and if helping his friend out of a serious situation involved disturbing some peace, and feeling bad about it later, then so be it. He had to help his friend, someone was possibly Harassing him, trying to hurt him, but who would ever want to hurt Upton he was nearly perfect. Perfect personality, perfet blond hair, perfect blue eyes, perfect teeth making up his perfect smile, everything about him was perfect. Unless Bronwen was telling the truth. In that case, Upton wasn't perfect at all, and he would certainly have plenty of people lined up and ready to cause him harm if given the chance. But what if Bronwen was just making stuff up, and telling lies specifically TO hurt Upton, but that would bring us back to the first question: Why would she ever want to hurt Upton? If Beverley's head wasn't spinning before, it was now... he was never going to get to sleep.
  2. The awful screeches where pounding against his ear drums, disturbing Beverley's sweet slumber. It was the most dreaded sound any teenage boy could imagine hearing; The alarm clock. He urgently reached over to the bedside table, desperately trying to make his stupid alarm clock shut up. He hadn't gotten any sleep last night, and he wasn't feeling well.So a relentless beeping insisting on waking him was the last thing he needed, but worst of all... today was a weekend.
  3. The weekend. Today was the day most students worked up the nerve to leave the school over the whole weekend, throw secret parties, and just do inappropriate things in General, but Beverley had his own plans. He was going to be a spy for the day, and he was serious about it this time. He had some issues to figure out.
  4. ~ "Upton!... Upton!" Upton kept walking, ignoring his name being called. "Uptoooooaaan!" a hideous roar of desperation finally made him stop in his tracks. He turned slowly "He..." he tried saying hello but she wasn't going to let that happen just yet. "Yeah, yeah, listen about tonight. I forgot to mention that the party isn't actually going to be at the school, per se. So you might have to come up with an accuse, but I promise its totally going to be worth it..." she was really going to be hurt when he told her the bad news. " Listen Genevieve, I don't think I'm going to be able to go with you, sorry." Upton fliched in anticipation of a heart broken expression, but, oddly, she seemed to be in a state of utter indifference. She continued explaining the protocol of her roommates party. "There isn't really a dress code or anything it's not like it's a dinner party or anything fancy like that..." she stopped to take a breath. Now was his chance. "I'm sorry, but I said that I can't go." he said again. "Oh, I know what you think you said, but I know what you really meant." she said calmly. "What do you mean?" Upton said confusedly. "You're comming to the party. Right? she asked. "Um... No." he answerd sympathetically. "I-I'm not following." she answered with an edge in her voice. "Genevieve I'm sorry, I really am." he said. "Are you serious?!?!" the edge in her voice was escalating to pure rage. "I am going to kill someone!" she said to Upton's horror. She wasn't just weird crazy, she was scary crazy!
  5. "Woah, woah, woah. You don't have to be mad it's my fau..." Upton was interupted. "Yes I do have to be mad. You're leaving me, and for that slut Bronwen?" she yelled. "Bronwen?" he asked immediately. "Yes!" she said assuring him. "Bronwen Sinnett?" he asked again in shock. "Yes thats the...the... TH-THAT FREAKING SLUT!" the frustration and anger was preventing her from thinking clearly. "How do you know her?" he asked trying to be calm. "Who the slut? She's just this... slutty...slut who's always talking about you." Upton's calm seemed to rub of on her. "Why?"
  6. "No reason. Just try to stay away from her, okay?" even though Genevieve was insane, Upton was actually trying to protect her for some reason. "You don't have to tell me twice." she happily agreed with his suggestion. "So your not dating the slut?" she asked innocently. "No, ofcourse not." Upton would have laughed, but didn't. "I'm sorry." Genevieve wrapped her arms around his body in a childish hug before he had a chance to protest. He felt bad for her. A poor, Irritatingly preppy, and mentally ill girl put out into a world filled with mean teenagers ready to make her life feel like death. Upton was all to familiar with this feeling. Although you'd never guess it by looking at him today, he'd been regected and bullied all his life, and in that moment of pity he said something he knew he'd regret. "I'll be your date."
  7. Watching all of this happen, was an overtly curious Beverley. He watched from behined a far away tree and tried his best to read there lips. He reached for his pen, "Genevieve?" he wrote the name down unsure of its accuracy. He continued wrighting. "Blonde, petite body style, owns Hello Kitty book bag." ... Yes, Beverley was taking notes, something that might be viewed as unnecessary, but Beverley Understood something others didn't, and that was the severity of the situation.
  8. Beverley continued writing down every detail he possibly could, right down to the clothes they where wearing. Any little clue was significant. She could be the one Upton was talking to last night, but why where they hugging? He watched as they parted ways, like they'd barely known eachother, it didnt make sence. Who was this girl?
  9. Beverley caught up with Upton. "Hey!" Beverley greeted him. "Hey!" Upton repeted. "So who was that girl back there?" Beverley asked trying to sound natural. "Oh, you saw that? She's just this crazy girl who asked me out yesterday, but she's totally insane. I tried telling her I couldn't go, but she made me feel bad. " Upton explained. "Yikes, now what are you gonna do?" Beverley asked. "Ugh, I have no idea." Upton was talking normally, but still seemed disconected somehow. "Are you okay?" Beverley asked. "I'm fine, just a little nervous." Upton was worried about dealing with Genevieve, but she said she had seen Bronwen. Upton knew Bronwen very well, but he never thought he'd ever see her again. It made Upton very uneasy, for she knew him very well too, and he knew she'd be looking for revenge.
  10. "Well she invited me to a party, and it's supposed to be today, so I need to go call her. See you later!" Upton was off, and Beverley was now alone. He had to follow him to the party, no matter what. But for the moment, he had nothing to do, so he figured he'd go to the lounge. The lounge was filled with people, but one stood out, and she was walking towards him. "I wouldn't go to that party if I where you." Bronwen said. "What party?" Beverley didn't think she'd know about it yet. "Don't play dumb with me. Go to that party, and you will regret it!"
  11. Aaaaaand, Scene! That was the end of part two. I really liked this part at first, but it fell a little flat for me at the end :/ . But I hope you feel differently. So comment, rate, and remember to find part three when it comes... bye!

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