Randomation(Part 1)

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GTQ Guy! You are too cute! Ha, I like meatballs with french onio soup sauce in the images. Whenever you are gone I just wanna be with you! Please don't get me wrong.

Created by: bunniesrule

  1. You are walking from school on a gross summer day with napkins falling from your hair. Then suddenly, it start raining strawberry cupcakes!
  2. "HOWDY COLORADO!!!!" You yell as you are getting raped by your best friend.
  3. Then, Eminem starts singing his theme song in a tutu.
  4. When he finishes, you take a swim in a gasoline pool and chewbaca starts swimming towards
  5. "Colleen!" Your mom yells while reciting a knock joke with indie crown
  6. I
  7. made
  8. this
  9. quiz
  10. out of boredrom!

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