Random Song Quiz!

Okay, this is my first quiz. So don't judge me! This quiz is a bit more based on pop and top fourty than anything else so, um, good luck? :D Wait, did I forget something? Hmm…

How well do you know the music industry? Well, I hope you know lots, because I don't! No really, you're probably a million times better than me at this. So, like I said, DO NOT JUDGE MOI!

Created by: Lin
  1. Which of these songs is by Delta Goodrem?
  2. The song 'Can We Dance' is by…
  3. Which of these is by Britney Spears
  4. Who are 'The Veronicas?'
  5. How many years did 'The Backstreet Boys' spend away from the music making industry?
  6. Who was 'Lighthouse' made in memory of?
  7. Which of these songs is by 'One Republic?'
  8. The song 'Break Free' By Arianna Grande, features who?
  9. Which song does 'Anne-Marie' feature in?
  10. Which of these songs did 'James Arthur' write?

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