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Hey, so this is just a quiz of randomness. I really don't know why I made it- OH, yeah. Now I know XD I need to stop forgetting crap. It's annoying. Haha.

SO, the reason? Well, So newbs can link to it and get propics. Sorry, but I am too lazy to write anything. Hahaha. Just go link to it, Newb. I LIKE APPLES! YOU LIKE APPLES! NOOBS ARE AWESOME!!

Created by: Zaxx

  1. (To the newbies) Wanna be Novice?
  2. If you said "Yes" did you know that I can make you a novice?
  3. Are you asking how? Well... If you link to a quest that has been taken a few times... You'll turn novice. Only for about a day or so. Then you go back to newbie statis.
  4. Yup! You can still get a propic.
  5. Yeah, you can keep it too. Forever! Though... You won't be able to change it.
  6. Yes, you still can.
  7. Lets see if you can ace this quiz.
  8. Blue
  9. Orange
  10. This quiz is over now. Haha. If you want to link to it, go to the lounge. It will be there under a thread called "Newbs!"

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