There are really smart people in the world are you one of them? Take this test to find out if your one smart cookie! Go on click me! Please! Go! -Elliot

Do you have what it takes to become a genius? Some people do but a lot don't so click me to find out if your a super genius.....maybe you are maybe your not but whats there to lose?

Created by: Elliot of socialneko.com
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  1. How long were Earth days a billion years ago?
  2. What was Hitler afraid of?
  3. IQ means...
  4. In what Sonic game did the character Amy Rose first appear?
  5. Who is the producer of the hit crime drama Law and Order?
  6. What governmental branch is the president in?
  7. Do you have a girlfriend? just asking....
  8. How many people are on the Earth?
  9. What game company made Mario?
  10. What game company made Mega Man

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