Random question quiz

Here's a quiz that you have no idea what is going to appear and no idea what it is about.Some question s are hard and some are easy.Can you answer them all correctly?

What random questions do you know and will they be in the quiz?Can you get 100%?Why not try the quiz to find out? It will only take a few minutes. :-)

Created by: Sophie Fisher

  1. How many months have 28 days?
  2. In Harry Potter who plays Draco Malfoy
  3. What is Jacksepticeye's real name
  4. The mystery inc includes how many members?
  5. Do you like cheese?
  6. How sung the song Delilah?
  7. Police officers in Canada give positive tickets for people doing good things?
  8. Bill nye the science guy was a stand up comedian?
  9. Dimension 6 was the intended name for nike?
  10. The most common colour of highlighter is blue?
  11. 90% of all written paragraphs include the word ...the?
  12. All most all vegetarians go back to eating meat?
  13. Some trained dogs can sniff out prostate cancer with a 98% accuracy?
  14. A large group of giraffes is called a box?
  15. Wasps can remember peoples faces?
  16. Extra question: In Indonesia there is a volcano that spews what colour lava?
  17. Shall I make another quiz?This will not affect score.

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