r u my type(BOYS ONLY)

take my quiz to find out if your my type also rate and comment on it bye have fun ,food eat ate yoyo poop polo up icup iphone ipad snake rats west west yoyo popcorn popular populations frog horses dog tramp hi hi poop pool polo koala sassy you me us i love myself dopo lopoy rest in peace

thats it bye enjoy it also rate and comment on this please bye ,CANDY IGUANA IPHONE IPAD GOAT CANDYCANE KOALA DOG TRAP CAMERAS YOYO POTS POOP LOSSERS WINNERS WEST NORTH SOUTH BOAT goat rewq asdf ghj klm nbv cxz 12w er tyu ooo

Created by: AZY

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  1. if your a girl you have 2 leave its only 4 BOYS
  2. if you had a gf would you cheat on her with someone else?
  3. whats your fav color
  4. how old r u
  5. whats your personality ?
  6. r u smart
  7. do u care about your family
  8. describtion of a girl
  9. why do u have a gf ,
  10. rate and comment please

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