What yoyo sponsor is for you?

What yoyo company do you belong to? Where does your future lie? Destined for World titles or for trick circle fame? Only way to find out is through this quiz.

Are you a member of Yoyofactory, Recess, CLYW, Turning Point, Recreation, Duncan, Yoyo Community, or One Drop? Please answer honestly and don't overthink the questions.

Created by: yuukifanboi10101

  1. What is your favorite food at yoyo contests?
  2. Where would you be found at the Rosen?
  3. What titles do you hold?
  4. What's your favorite contest?
  5. What is your style of yoyoing?
  6. What shoes would you be found wearing at a contest?
  7. What do you think of team Recess?
  8. Ideal Career Path?
  9. Who is your favorite yoyoer?
  10. Where do you go to learn about yoyo?

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