r u hot or not quiz??

When someone says "Hotty," what comes into your mind? The football captain? The cute guy from History? The Math Club leader? Whoever it is, just the guy you like can define the whole of who you are.

Are you hot or not? Do you know? Well, if you don't, take the r u hot or not quiz?? In about 2 mins. you will know how hot you are. How dateable, how cool you are overall, just in 3 simple words: Hot, Kinda, and Not ;-)

Created by: Bella Sara

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  1. The biggest hotty EVER asks you out on a date, What do you do?
  2. where are your'e shopping
  3. who do yuo want to date.
  4. you are thought of as....
  5. You are a ......
  6. At the Movies, you just came out from---
  7. your iPod-?
  8. your lips are... ... ...
  9. Hair? ......
  10. I _____ a cell phone..

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