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  • I have advice you! Be greatful!

    This quiz is invalid, don't beat yourself up with results based on you! Lets work on your questions you have added to this quiz :)

    Weight/populari ty doesn't make you ugly! You can find beauty in all sizes and popularity :)

    Makeup doesn't make you more prettier- it's fake, so thats not what you normally look like. If you spend over 10 minutes with makeup under the age of 16... you have a sad life (Don't be offended! It's true), you shouldn't need to wear makeup until your in your 18+ anyway :)

    NONE of us are ugly :) We all looked in a mirror today, and it DIDN'T break.

    Now, you need to work on your grammar. R means "Are" U means "You". You also need to include your Capital letters, and don't add to many "!!!" to your quiz. Spelling also needs improvement.

    Don 't be angry at this comment!

    If you are the one who offends others, and continue making quizzes that can, please read this and think about your results and questions!


  • Ive got some words of advice for you sweetie :)

    I would usually say, always act confidently as yourself, but you dearie should probably steer clear of that advice. As far as Im concerned, guys would steer far from your shallow, extremely irritating attitude. Im guessing youre about 7? I would definitely advise getting assistance in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Ill add communication skills to that list.

    When youre older, youll probably look back at where you are now, and laugh. You really are pathetic at this stage in your life. But dont worry honey, I have hope for you! :)

    When youre older and have matured into a lovely young lady that I hope youll become, you can think about relationships and boys. At this stage it would be rather silly. Youre far too immature at this stage of development and Im afraid as soon as you open your mouth, people will run.

    Good luck darling! I do hope you wont find my comment offensive, but sometimes things cant be left unsaid.

    Have a delightful day and remember to smile! :)

    Angela xx

  • ok ima comment, and you should try accept it if not don't say anything.

    If guys don't slap - ok wait

    If guyzz don slap ur but it mite al so meen tat tey respect ur body. If they do, wel tat meenz tat u put on too much makeup or haz vry bd attitudes n don look lyk normal hot human.

    Understan d? Don't troll. Its advice.

  • Ok... this is the WORST and MOST AfFENDING quiz ever!!!!!! Just cause boys dont slap my butt doesn't make me ugly. God. I bet u r ugler than everyone in the world. 0 STARS!!!

  • All I can say is, wow.
    I feel very sorry for you.

  • Um....akwaard? I mean,just because boys don't slap your butt dosen't mean you are ugly.....

    Private eye
  • 'ew ur not hot!' Awhh, thank you so much. :,) that just made my day aha. xx


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