r u a phantom of the opera fan!?

are you a phantom of the opera fan? take this quiz to find out! if yu do score well remember dont brag its not that hard of a quiz actually its pretty easy

Remember if you score bad the phantom and his magical lasso will find you! but i really do hope you do really well so that doesnt happen it sounds kinda scary

Created by: Erik/Christine

  1. What is Raoul's last name?
  2. Did Carlotta sing for herself in the 2004 movie
  3. what is the first name of the girl who plays Meg
  4. What is the phantom's name {not the person who plays him}
  5. Did Miranda Richardson play Madame Giry in the movie
  6. Who wrote the lyrics for the phantom of the opera
  7. which of these is an actual mistake at the very end of the movie
  8. when did the story take place
  9. who was the choreographer for the movie
  10. exactly how long is the 2004 movie

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