KFL - Coaching Greatness Quiz

There are two types of coaches in the KFL ... Phantoms and those who aspire to be a Phantom. Tom Ottman wishes he was again a Phantom ... E. Killian wishes he too were like Jimmy.

I believe this exercise reaches deep down into the mind, heart and soul of coaching aspirations ... you know you want to be like the 2x Champion Phantoms ... 2K2, 2K5. Just win baby!!!!

Created by: Coach Sarene
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  1. Who is the greatest KFL coach in history?
  2. Who is the best looking coach in the KFL?
  3. Who is the greatest coach of all time
  4. Who is the worst coach in the KFL
  5. Who is the oldest coach in ANY league history?
  6. Who is the greatest coach to never win a championship?
  7. How much do you think Sarene enjoys this torture?
  8. Is Ottman worth anything in the coaching market without Sarene?
  9. Are you coach Ottman?
  10. Are you coach Sarene?
  11. Who is the greatest team in the KFL?

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