Quiz on B. F. Skinner

There are many behaviorists out there, but few like Skinner. Even though he worked with animals such as pigeons and rats, he still made many contributions to the field of behaviorism.

I bet you always wondered if you knew a lot about Skinner! And after this quiz you will know. You will be able to tell the difference between positive and negative reinforcements and many other of Skinner's theories.

Created by: Group 6 Quiz
  1. B.F Skinner was what type of theorist?
  2. What animal did he most work with?
  3. What did he observe in his clinical trial?
  4. T or F-Skinner made a plexiglass box to hold his child
  5. Is positive or negative reinforcement more effective according to Skinner?
  6. Behavior modification has been proven effective with what type of people?
  7. Bouncing the ball three times before every free throw would be considered a what according to Skinner?
  8. Did Skinner favor free will or determinism?
  9. What theorist did Skinner base his own research from?
  10. The ability to exert control over the variables that determine our behavior is called what?

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