Behaviorism quiz

My quiz is about Behaviorism and in this quiz I will test you on what you know and how much you have been studying. So I hope you are prepared and have fun with it.

Are you a genius? This test will tell you how smart you are and if you need to hit the books or not. So in just a few minutes you will find out how much you know. Hope you are a GENIUS.

Created by: sara yocom

  1. Man and Animal comes from behavior because we both learn threw?
  2. What theorist became famous for his behaviorism on dogs?
  3. He used conditioning to teach dogs to salivate when?
  4. The natural reflex that occurs in response to a stimulus is called?
  5. To the behaviorist, human learning is purely an objective and experimental branch of?
  6. What did the dog do when he heard a bell?
  7. What does it mean when the teacher puts two fingers in the air?
  8. Once the dog hears the bell and salivate even if their was no food around.
  9. Some behaviorists felt this technique of stimulus response had human applications as well
  10. Ivan Pavlov won a Nobel Prize in Physiology.

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