How well do you know game theory?

There ate many groups of theorists,but few are great ones. Theorist is,afterall,quite exception.What is a Gt theorist? A Gt theorist is someone who sees every last detail of a game and can crack the secrets hidden away.

Are You a true Gt theorist? Do you have the skills to qualify for the prestigious title of Gt theorist? Well thanks to this quiz you can know find out.

Created by: Kakle107

  1. What do you think of Gt?
  2. Who is the brains behind Gt?
  3. How many pokemon theory videos are there on Gt
  4. How many fnaf theories has the channel covered?
  5. What is the channels main theory about Mario
  6. Ok final question What is the channels catchphrase?
  7. What are the subscribers called?
  8. What is the theory on sans covered by the channel
  9. Where are videos for the channel recorded
  10. What is the theory surrounding the purple guy (from fnaf)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know game theory?