Quiz Number 3: General Technology

AIM FORUMS: Quiz 3 Internet, email, hard drives... and whatnot are very common terms these days. Test your knowledge of technology with this quiz. This quiz covers various aspects of technology.

How much do you know about the internet? Computers? Inventions? Test your knowledge with this quiz.What is the most popular domain name? Who invented what? When was this invented? Good luck !!

Created by: Heaven
  1. What nation has set up a video game addiction hotline?
  2. What does PDF stand for?
  3. The most popular domain name is:
  4. What is the most popular internet browser?
  5. Www.Amazon.com, when first launched sold what product?
  6. How much is Google worth?
  7. VHS Stands for:
  8. Alexander Graham Bell invented:
  9. The First movie was made in:
  10. What company is the largest producer of computer software for the personal computer?

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