Quickie Shoutout Quiz. :)

I bet you didn't notice First time your heart was broken You called me up and we talked til the morning (Oh) And the time that you were stranded I was there before you landed He was a no show, I made sure you got home

I've been right there (right there) For every minute This time, it's no different Whatever happens you should know whoa Cause you're not alone, girl

Created by: Ashl3y
  1. DCgirl
  3. Daughter Of Apollo
  4. Sports19
  5. Zane Is Here
  6. Likeaboss
  7. Home_Gurl
  8. Dark22978
  9. DeathStar
  10. She won't see this, and no one else but DCgirl knows her, but Jumba. x3
  11. NOw, one thing to say about all these people. BEST f---ING FRIENDS EVER!!! I love you guys and you are everyone that I care about. There are probably more, that I missed but this is just a short quiz on the people. x3

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