Quick level up quiz!

So this is a level up quiz, I want to be Advanced pretty quickly. As you can see in my level bar, I'm very close. So please do me a favour and take this quiz.

By taking this quiz I will either become Advanced or closer to Advanced. Please rate and comment on this level up quiz. Experienced is quite an easy level.

Created by: Sphinx

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  1. I'm almost Advanced
  2. it's only been 39 days since I became Experienced
  3. I've been on GTQ for 216 days (7 months and 2 days)
  4. I always level up on a Thursday
  5. Today is Monday
  6. I am on 96%
  7. Maybe I will level up to Senior soon
  8. This quiz might make me Advanced
  9. :)
  10. Bye

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