How Alike Are We?

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Hi! This is my next quiz and I hope you enjoy taking it. A quick reminder that I'm also doing this as a level-up quiz so it would help a lot if you could rate well and comment! Thanks UwU

I'm not gonna tell you about me like some other people do because then you could cheat but I will tell you that I'm a girl. That's it XD I'm just saying this to fill up the word count on my paragraph. And I'm sorry in advance if there are any typos!

Created by: Cinnamon_Roll

  1. For the first question, I'm gonna ask you this: Are you an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?
  2. Which, in your opinion, is better?
  3. How much of a romantic are you?
  4. What's your favorite color? (if your favorite color is not listed then please skip press 'other' and more colors will be listed in the next question.)
  5. Favorite color: Part 2
  6. Do you like music?
  7. What is your favorite music genre?
  8. How do you feel about anime?
  9. What is your favorite anime out of these?
  10. Which of these two Broadway musicals is better?
  11. Oh I forgot: What is your gender?
  12. Favorite pastime?
  13. Do you like to read?
  14. Are you in any school clubs?
  15. On a scale of one to ten, how confident are you about standing in front of a crowd and performing?
  16. What's your aesthetic? (If you don't know, I made a quiz about it that you can take)(you can also Google the definitions of the aesthetics listed)
  17. Are you on GTQ forums?
  18. Which of these are you most drawn to? (Actions)
  19. Which of these are you most drawn to? (objects)
  20. Which of these are you most drawn to? (Moods)
  21. Ok, this is the end! Wow, this is the longest quiz I've ever made *wipes sweat off of forehead* I hope you enjoyed it! Will you rate and/or comment? (this does count)

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