Pure as Crystal

A new story starts with you and Chris, your boyfriend. But something is about to change. Chris has been acting strangely lately, but why? What's going on? Take the quiz to help me answer those questions in Part 2!

Sorry, can't say much this time or it will give away the surprise. Please comment on your favorite of the following: wolf hawk black leopard dolphin

Created by: Nessie14

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  1. You are at the beach with your family and boyfriend, Chris. He has been acting strangely lately.
  2. You ask him if something is wrong, and he just shakes his head a smiles at you, stroking your hair.
  3. "Havent you ever wondered what it would be like to be a _______?" He asks.
  4. "Hmmmm." Is all you say. You close your eyes, and imagine you are:
  5. You take his hand and sit down in the sand. Chris looks at you with a pained expression.
  6. "Hey!" Your parents call. "We're leaving in 5 minutes!" Chris says, "We'll be right there!"
  7. Suddenly Chris scoops you up and carries you down near the water where there is no one around.
  8. He stares at the ground for what seems like forever and you are worried that 5 minutes has passed already.
  9. "________," he says. "I have something to tell you."
  10. Sorry for the cliffhanger! I just needed this quiz to get the story started! There will be more next time and it WILL be exciting! please comment on your favorite of the following:

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