Punk Music Trivia

This quiz is a test of your knowledge about the history of current punk. You don't need to know everything about a band to enjoy their music, however this is something you should have fun with.

Take your time and try not to cheat! I am sure there are facts you know about bands that I don't. Try not to take offense if you don't score 100%. Good luck!

Created by: DJ Rossstar of Buzznet
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  1. Which was one of the bands Pete Wentz was in before Fall Out Boy?
  2. My Chemical Romance's song "Our Lady Of Sorrows" was originally called?
  3. Before they were called Panic! At The Disco, they were know as....
  4. Which one of these men is a former member of AFI?
  5. Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day has two kids named....
  6. Although recently having hit it big, Gym Class Heroes formed in....
  7. Taking Back Sunday originally had which member on bass?
  8. What was the name of 30 Seconds To Mars' first album?
  9. Who was the original singer for From First To Last?
  10. After Midtown, Gabe Saporta formed Cobra Starship and Heath Saraceno went on to play in...

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