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  • Death Lane
    "Mmmmmmm, probably true :>"
  • Death Lane
    "Yes, that's a good plan but you really might want an alt or two ^^ just a suggestion"
  • Giving Away Accounts!
  • Alt Name Shop
    "Flamebrain Fawnpath"
  • Jail Buddies
    "I'll be C1 1 more person :)"
  • Jail Buddies
    "sure! Name: Age: Gender: Sexuality: Personality: Backstory (optional): Bio (optional"
  • Nix
    "Agnes studied a little shining liquid in a bottle he was given. A beginner's pack, everyone had called it when he was given it."
  • Nix
    "Agnes looked around with his one big brown eye and his little sack of things he had found so far while adventuring (which wasn’t much) tucke"
  • GTQ Stores
    "Yay Espi! :0 Meanwhile I have 90907 Espi has like 111,000 (perfect number) I have no idea how much cats has"
  • Lies' RP Directory!
    "[no urls] Nix ^^"
  • Nix
    "Not it.)"
  • Nix
    "Name: Agnes Age: 14 Gender: Male Species: Giant/cyclops hybrid Appearance: Skinny giant, runty height for a giant ("
  • GTQ Comic
    "I’m with Vio and Nix on this one."
  • Nix
    ":0 that’s amazing! who do you want to be, and do you want me to make the cs or shall you?"

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