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  • Shopkins
    "Hey, please take this poll. You cant vote after April 15, 2018. [poll.PFy6]"
  • Shopkins
    "I like squinkies, too, but I think Shopkins are better, no offense"
  • Shopkins
    "Have any of you seen the Shopkins movie, Chef Club?"
  • Slither.io
    "Slither.io is the best!"
  • Cats
    "I cats!"
  • Shopkins
    "Oh, great! As in, the bad kind of great."
  • Shopkins
    "I made another Shopkins poll! This ones about the Shoppies. [poll.WVn1] Also, if you pick other on either of the polls I posted,"
  • "Hey, guys! Does anybody know why votes sometimes dont count on polls when they are posted on the forums? Tell me if that doesnt make sense, ..."
  • Shimmer and Shine
    "Youre welcome!"
  • Shimmer and Shine
    "I have no idea, Shimmer_. Ill try to find out."
  • Shimmer and Shine
    "Please take this. [poll.RQeB]"
  • Shimmer and Shine
    "I like Shimmer."
  • "Hi, everybody!"
  • "If this counts, those Shopkins short shows. If not, probably Sunny Day."
  • Shopkins
    "Hi. Its me, Bubbleisha. Im a Shopkins Shoppie, and I live in Shopville with the other Shoppies and the Shopkins. Please take this poll...."

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