What is your favorite TV show

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Thread Topic: What is your favorite TV show

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    AkiMaki Experienced

    The Good Doctor
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    therealminime Senior
    Here's my list, not in a particular order

    The Flash
    Stranger Things
    Rick and Morty
    Legends of Tomorrow
    Iron Fist
    Jessica Jones
    Luke Cage
    The Punisher
    Drake and Josh
    The Walking Dead
    The Office
    That 70's Show
    Black Lightning
    Young Justice
    Adventure Time
    Regular Show
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    Twin Peaks
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    menhera Novice
    Steven Universe
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    absol heart Hot Shot
    good animation and alright characters, but the calarts style grows old and the story imo just doesn't grab my attention enough for me to care.

    Malcolm in The Middle
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    Twigbranch Novice
    Shimmer and Shine, Little Charmers, and Annedroids.
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    Vampirina Novice
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    Dat_girl_ Junior

    Stranger Things (see what I did there... Nevermind)
  • Bubbleisha Newbie
    If this counts, those Shopkins short shows. If not, probably Sunny Day.
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    Luv myself Experienced
    Never seen it, but probably a 5/10.

    The Office.
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    DracoMalfoyFan Advanced
    Never seen it but it sounds like it would be a 7/10

    The Voice
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    Dat_girl_ Junior

    Spongebob (I don't frickin know)
  • RainorSnow Newbie
  • simple_n_cute Newbie
    never seen it but 5/10
    The originals...never gets annoying...
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    Dat_girl_ Experienced

    The end of the f**king world (It's a Netflix original)

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