What is your favorite TV show

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Thread Topic: What is your favorite TV show

  • Ljohnson10 Newbie
    Full House and Gravity Falls I am with ya Luv Myself
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    Hazelbear Novice
    tHE fLASH

    season 3 premieres in october
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    Hazelbear Novice
    sorry, didn't read directions

    Lj, Full House: 5/10, Gravity Falls: 4/10 (never watched it but I probably wouldn't like it)

    and then whoever posts next can rate The Flash x3
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    Paige_ Junior
    5/10 never watched it
    South Park
  • FluffyEtini Newbie
    Best friends whenever
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    Hazelbear Novice
    4/10 never watched it, doubt I'd like it

    Grey's Anatomy
  • User Experienced
    my fave is sofia the first
  • quizmasteriq Newbie
    On the cw the originals
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    Hiccstrid Experienced
    (Besides DreamWorks Dragons of course)
  • Jellycupcake Novice
    Barnie! No just kidding. I love Studeo c. Has anyone seen it?
  • The IT Crowd
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    aadee Advanced
    The big bang theory
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    Dat_girl_ Novice

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    Rock_N_Roll24 Novice
    Avenue Q
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    Magical Nonsense Advanced

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