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  • probably the most pointless quiz ever
    Your Result: You Win

    You pressed the right one. Yay. You must have been reeaallly bored to do this quiz. And I was just that bored to make it. So yeh. Woo....Great. Have a nice day!

    *gasp* This person stole my idea! Arggggg I knew exactly what to do! Borede and random are the subjects I excele in.

  • you knowi learnt a lesson from this know what?....we should never be sad if we lose because its just a lose...but i am not sad.....hahaha!!!

  • lol lol lol
    That was 1 of the best quizzes i'v taken! lol

    All u have 2 do 2 win is pick "Press this one" on all the questions! :P

    Sarah Soda Slim
  • What?!? I lose?!?

    Netto PP
  • I LOVE IT!!! i win! yay! that's probably because i didnt say all the SCREW U stuff but still YAY! 10 stars!!!!!

  • I LOSE I DONT WANT TO LOSE What was the point of this quiz anyway


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